Learn Leadership

FREE Leadership Masterclass 

Get introduced to the paradigm-shifting difference between Leadership and Management that will forever change how you think about your own leadership style, and teach you how you can more effectively lead and manage the teams around you. Go through 4, 15-20 minute videos with an exercise at the end of each video to implement what you have learned.

Transform Your Team

3-Day Responsibility Workshop

3-Day Intensive Workshop For Individuals and Teams


This is a transformational learning event that follows the SEAL Team LEADERS methodology of Having Vs. Holding Responsibilty. You or your team will be coached, virtually, by a SEAL Team Leaders Facilitator to help you create a team that goes above and beyond the call of duty. You'll learn what it takes to transform your entire team into leaders who know their role in your company and have a passion for success. This workshop is 3 sessions long (dates of completion are picked at your convenience) and comes equipped with team-building strategies, communication techniques, applicable worksheets, and real-life simulations of what it means to have ownership over an action item. Whether you are an individual or team, after this intensive responsibility workshop, you will know what it means to truly be held accountable and see tasks through until executed successfully.

Obliterate Your Obstacles

SEAL Team Success Strategy

Online Training For Individuals and Teams


Advantageous to both individuals and teams, this 1-hour online training is designed with one thing in mind: to help you and your team be successful from the inside out. The work begins with YOU and through this training, you will be able to identify pitfalls in you or your team that block you from obtaining your business (and even personal) goals. Usually only available to $25,000 VIP members, Larry Yatch and SEAL Team Leaders has recently opened this up to the public at the lowest price ever offered. This is the perfect place to begin if you don't know where to start.

Activate High Performance

Unstoppable Team Virtual LIVE 16-Week Course

Ready to join an extraordinary team of high-level entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers who are determined to fully implement SEAL team systems and secrets into every team in their life? This is the elite group for you! A combination of private coaching, mentorship from Larry Yatch, implementation calls, and LIVE team calls makes this the only Leadership course available that cements your Leadership based on three levels of cognitive learning.

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