28 January 2020

Readily Random with Larry Roberts 

Larry shares perseverance and leadership lessons for business and life using the secrets of the SEALS for higher producing sales teams, modifying influence team behavior, and increasing your team’s performance.

2 December 2019

Stay Grounded with Raj Jana

Larry shares with Raj the reason team success trumps individual success, the power of purpose for high-performing teams, and why we’re essentially cavemen and what this means for how we can best operate in the world.

12 December 2019

Leadership & the Environment with Joshua Spodek

Do you want to reach your potential? Do you want to get past seeing your properties as limitations? Larry shares going from being what he is and we all are -- regular people -- to living his dream. An elite dream. Whatever it is that you dream for yourself, Larry shares his tools to enable you to achieve it. 

4 December 2019

Business Innovators Radio with Rick Brown

Larry shares important considerations for building leaders within your organization, breaking down the differences and relationships between leaders, managers, and followers.

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12 September 2019

Awakening the Entrepreneur Within With Michael Gerber

Larry and Michael, the author of The E-Myth Series, discuss the importance of alignment of purpose within an organization, how to change our life at any given moment, and why normal people do not accomplish extraordinary achievements. 

21 October 2019

Training Unleashed with Evan Hackel

Larry shares with Evan strategies for building a strong team, leveraging your time for business growth, how good leadership influences behavior, the definition of leader vs manager, and more.

31 July 2019

Talent Development Hot Seat with Andy Storch

Larry discusses changing the paradigm on leadership, how people confuse leadership and management, when micromanagers are necessary, and the real job of a leader. Larry also shares with Andy the most powerful tool of a leader.

7 June 2019

Breakfast Leadership with Michael Levitt 

Larry and Michael discuss how coordinating action with others is the game changer. Larry shares stories and insights on how he planned and executed complex missions, operated on a high functioning team, and the lessons in leadership and life that continue to serve him, his family, and his business every day (especially on how he overcame burnout!).

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