• Make giving and taking criticism as easy as receiving praise in the workplace

    • Build stronger relationships between both your employees and your coworkers

    • Eliminate old miscommunications and broken feedback loops

    • Motivate team members to push each other forward and break new targets

    • Increase productivity levels and boost morale, so that everyone feels INVESTED and DETERMINED to hit big business goals

    • Cultivate a team that is committed to keeping each other accountable and achieving RESULTS

    Hi, I'm Larry Yatch

    I'm a former officer in the NAVY SEALs, a serial entrepreneur, and full-time business coach.  Before entering the corporate world, I didn't have any business experience.


    What did I have?


    Over 10 years working as an officer in the most elite military team in the world (the SEALs), 


    200+ successfully executed missions under my belt, and 


    The knowledge of EXACTLY what makes up a 5-star team that gets RESULTS.


    And at the end of the day:

    It's your team - and how well they communicate with each other - that's the difference between a successful mission and a failed one.


    It's the difference between a flopped company and a thriving one.


    And it's the difference between financial struggle and financial success.


    So check out the following questions to see if your team could benefit from this Feedback Workshop:

    • Are you sometimes reluctant to give feedback  for fear of backlash?

    • Do you regularly hear passive aggressive or resentful remarks that go unresolved?

    • Do you see ineffective behavior which COULD be changed, but no one is putting in the work to rectify it?

    • Are employees comfortable giving genuine, constructive criticism, or do they consistently skirt around the key issues?

    • Is your team out of sync, and when something goes wrong, it's a case of finger-pointing and lack of personal accountability?

    If any of this sounds familiar - then your team hasn't perfected the art of feedback messaging.


    And that's costing your business time and money right now.


    And maybe more importantly - it's costing you opportunity.

    4 Ways This Feedback Workshop Will Troubleshoot These Barriers To Success:

    • Using Team-Based Exercises With Live Facilitators

      Our veterans work with your team in real time on activities and exercises that require EVERY member to take a second look at HOW they're giving feedback, and identify where miscommunications are coming from.


      Each of these carefully curated exercises requires workers to lead with honesty, integrity, and ownership - while also training each employee on how to keep working from these paradigms long after the workshop is finished.

    • Critically Strategizing And Taking Real Life Examples

      In the SEALs, we learn the theory first, and then we follow up with ACTION. 


      That’s how you go from learning lessons, to enacting them


      So that’s what we’ll be doing throughout this feedback course - we’ll be using real-life scenarios and examples, and leveraging them so your employees can collaborate and work together to discuss how to dynamically implement them in the real world. 

    • Leveraging Guided Feedback + Advice From Experts

    • Customized Plan of Action

      We offer this workshop as a concrete, highly-actionable plan of attack that you can begin implementing TOMORROW. 


      Which means when you join this workshop, you walk away with a bespoke action plan that outlines how your business can use your elite SEAL team to collaborate better, work harder, and produce 10x results. 


      In other words - finally get access to that previously untapped extra annualized revenue and increased profit margins. 

    After implementing the advice from this workshop, we guarantee you'll see:

    • Happier, more motivated employees who are comfortable receiving, giving, AND asking for feedback

    • Increased labor-efficiency and productivity levels.

    • Fewer interpersonal miscommunications and avoidable mistakes

    • Determined, committed employees that work as a unit to smash your quarterly targets out of the park

    • Competitive, invested workers who push long-term growth and drive PROFITS

    Hear What Other Businesses Have To Say About This Training:

    One of the top 10 presentations that I've ever seen. Larry's workshops are now enjoyed by our company's culture and operations. 




    Executive Brand and Creative Director, Grapeshot

    Larry's teachings on leadership and team performance have had a tremendous impact on our business - we've seen improvements in our culture, our leaders and our bottom line due to what Larry teaches.


    Chief HR Officer & SVP of Innovation

    I picked Larry and his program for my team after a 10-month comparison review due to the high level of commitment and responsibility to develop life-changing skills that are equally important to home and work.


    Chief Executive Officer of Max Tech & President of Maxxon