“No one normal ever does anything extraordinary.”


The only thing I ever wanted to be or do was taken away from me at the age of 28.


I had trained at the elite levels as a Navy SEAL and it all came crashing down after a massive back surgery, followed by many other surgeries.


I’ll never forget the moment when my fiancée Anne turned to me after I had been told that I could never be a SEAL again, and said,

“What makes you extraordinary isn’t what you can do physically. It's how your brain works, how you think.


Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could take all that knowledge, all those experiences, all those hard won lessons and bring them to people who know they are extraordinary... and want to create more of that?”


That day in the hospital bed we had our first breakthrough, together.


Over 12 years, 4 businesses, and more failures you can count, I learned that my previous 200+ successful missions in the most dangerous environments imaginable weren’t as difficult as the battlefield of business. 


When I left the SEAL teams and went into entrepreneurship, I had no idea how difficult it would be to create the same level of high performance I experienced as a SEAL every day. 


The one thing I craved more than anything else was a team that supported me at the level I needed.


A team:


... that was UNSTOPPABLE

... that didn’t want or understand complaining

... that got shit done with extreme levels of accountability and responsibility, and most importantly,

... that didn’t need ME to motivate them.


This team I envisioned wasn’t happy with anything less than excellence.


It has taken me 12 years and 4 companies to finally create the incredible culture, love and support that is on our team today.


It has also taken me hundreds of thousands of hours to create the systems that allow us to be unstoppable. 


I’m ready to share these unstoppable SEAL-based processes, mindsets and systems with other uncommon, extraordinary and disruptive entrepreneurs who aren’t happy with the status quo of business and business teams... those elite professionals who want the unstoppable team, but also crave the unshakable brotherhood that never leaves a man behind.


I’m here to tell you IT IS POSSIBLE... and it is here for you, now... if you are willing to leave any shred of ego at the door.


I’m here to ask you to question the way things have been done, to be open to taking your extraordinary gifts to merge them with these extraordinary systems.


We are all here for a reason and for a powerful purpose.


When we step out of the “normal” and into the extraordinary together... as a truly unstoppable team... we can create so much more impact in this world on every single level.


Imagine with me what it would be like for you to feel supported on every level in your life. 


To know beyond a shadow of a doubt that everyone on every team you lead or participate in has your back to a level that most individuals will never fully understand or believe.


If you desire to fully live, love, and lead as most others won’t, you have to learn and put in the effort that most others believe is too much.


You have to grow more, invest more, and question more... but the good news is that you don’t have to go through the SUCK to get there.




Because I’ve gone through it for you and am bringing back everything I have learned.


If this message resonates with you, you have found your tribe.

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